Call for Justice

Commissioned by OP.RECHT.MECHELEN.

23/03/2018 - 24/06/2018
Bourgondisch Stadspaleis, Hof van Busleyden
Fall 2016
A lot of very hard work has already gone into it and it will take more blood, sweat and tears before the door of the renovated Burgundian city palace Hof van Busleyden can once again throw open its doors in 2018. At that point it will begin a new life as Mechelen’s city museum with a two-fold mission. Firstly, it will document the history of Mechelen from the Burgundian period when it was the European capital and, secondly, it will relate that influential chapter in the city’s history to the city of Mechelen as it is today.    

To tie in with the city festival, the museum will host the all-important exhibition Call for Justice. Art and the application of the law in the Burgundian Netherlands. It will be the museum’s opening exhibition and also the finale of the city festival OP.RECHT.MECHELEN. The former home of Hiëronymus van Busleyden – humanist, art collector and friend of Erasmus – is the perfect place to take a close look at the fascinating relationship between art and how the law was applied to art in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. And thus reveal its relevance to us today.   

OP.RECHT.MECHELEN., Museums & Heritage and The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp 
Samuel Mareel
Manfred Sellink
Elsje Janssen

23/3/2018 - 24/6/2018

Bourgondisch stadspaleis
Hof van Busleyden